Patient and Visitor Guide | Liaquat National Hospital and Medical College

Patient and Visitor Guide

We welcome you at Liaquat National Hospital and hope to make your visit a pleasant one. Here is all the information that you require as a patient or a visitor.


There are three gates facing main stadium road. You can use gate No. 2 and Gate No. 3.


Convenient parking for both visitors and patients is available at the Hospital. Please refer to the posted signs or ask for parking at the main entry gate of the Hospital.

Shuttle Service

Shuttle service is available for patients and visitors from Gate No. 2 and Gate No. 3, stopping at all major drop off areas.

Emergency Services

For emergency services, please head directly to Accident and Emergency from Gate 2 of LNH. All the cases referred to Accident and Emergency are registered and seen by health care providers after initial triage.ER is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
Emergency Contact Number 021-34412745 & 021-34412760.

OPD Registration

When you come to Liaquat National Hospital, please go directly to the registration counter for Outpatient department, located at Syed Wajid Ali Complex (entrance from Gate 3) and OPD Complex 2 (entrance from Gate 2).

If you are a new patient, our Receptionist will register your data in the system and will issue the MRN (Medical Record Number) along with the card and direct you to respective OPD. In case you already have an MRN then please inform the registration receptionist so your data can be retrieved.

Every time you visit Liaquat National Hospital, please bring your MRN for your own convenience.

Information Desk

For your convenience, there are three information desks situated at the following locations:

  • OPD Complex 2
  • Syed Wajid Ali Complex
  • Next to Accident and Emergency Department

Information Desk Contact Number: 021-34412521

Patient Admissions

Your Clinician shall advice for your admission in hospital. When you arrive please go directly to the Patient Admissions Department, located near Accident and Emergency department. Our admissions representative will ask for MRN and help you complete the required forms. After the formalities you will be escorted to your allotted bed. You may be asked to sign documents as per routine procedures, dealing with:

  • Consent for care or surgery
  • Responsibility for your hospital charges
  • Specific services for your diagnosis

Visiting hours

Visiting hours at Liaquat National Hospital are from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm. However, some unit hours may differ, please be sure to ask your ward staff or security for more information when you arrive.

Patient Meals

After getting admitted at Liaquat National Hospital, our dietitian visits every patient and selects the meal according to the requirement of patient and doctor’s advice.


The hospital has cafeterias at different locations from where the visitors can purchase their meal. Vending machines have also been placed at various sites for the convenience of the visitors.

Safety and Security

Visitors and patients are responsible for the security and safety of their personal belongings such as cash, cell phones, eye glasses or other valuables. Loss of any of these and other personal items will not be the responsibility of the hospital.

Attendant’s policy

COVID-19 Unit
No attendants are allowed in COVID-19 unit with the patients for their own safety and for the safety of others.
The counseling sessions of attendants are done after the consultants’ round.
Regular online meeting sessions with the family members are done with the patients twice daily.
Single attendant policy is applicable in rest of the hospital wards.
Preferably same attendant is advised to stay with the patient to avoid spread of any infection to the masses.

Patient and Visitor Experience

You can share your experiences, appreciations and suggestions during your visit or stay at the hospital directly with the physicians, coordinators supervisors or manager of that area. You can also share your feedback by sending us an email at or by filling the feedback form.