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Paediatric Neurology

Neurological disorders in children occur due to abnormality in the brain, spinal cord, nerve or muscles and affect them physically, emotionally and psychologically. Many neurological problems in children are congenital, meaning they are birth defects or conditions that developed in the womb. Other conditions may develop later on in life, secondary to any injury, infection, inflammation and tumor. Children suffer from a wide range of neurological conditions such as:

  • Paroxysmal events like Epilepsy and headaches
  • Impaired functionality in cerebral palsy needing rehabilitation
  • Movement disorders
  • Neuro-development problems including Autism spectrum disorder
  • Genetic and metabolic conditions affecting the brain
  • Diseases affecting nerves and muscles of the children

These children need specialized care provided by paediatric neurologist, trained to cater for the needs of, not only ‘children with special needs’ but also to provide support to their families.

The Paediatric Neurology services at Liaquat National Hospital cares for infants, children and adolescents with all types of neurological and developmental disorders. From diagnosis through long-term follow up, we provide compassionate and comprehensive support to help every child reach his or her full potential.


Paediatric Neurology at Liaquat National Hospital offers inpatient and outpatient consultative, diagnostic and treatment services with the goals of improving efficiency, decreasing costs and length of stay, and potentially improving outcomes with the purpose of addressing the specific needs of patients.

The service is backed up by the state of art Radiology, neurophysiology, well equipped laboratory, pharmacy services and rehabilitation services. We believe in a strong multi-disciplinary approach, with the teams of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurse specialists, speech and language therapists, and dietitians.

A bay has been designated in Paediatric ward to care for the children with neurological conditions. The staff is trained to deal with the common neurological emergencies and the ward is backed up by a fully equipped high dependency unit and intensive care area.

Paeds Development Unit

The Paeds Development Unit (PDU) is a service under Paeds Neurology at Liaquat National Hospital that promotes a family-centered approach towards the developmentally delayed children (physical, intellectual, social-emotional and language delays), in which families actively participate in the assessment and management.

Our team consists of:

  • Pediatric Neurologists
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Speech Therapist
  • Physical Therapist

A child is evaluated by each team member and a final report is discussed with the parents by the Paediatric Neurologist.

Apart from providing the cost effective outpatient consultation services of Paeds Neurology at main LNH campus, our out- patient clinics are functional at three outreach centers of LNH for easy accessibility of the patients. Read More...

Education & Training

Residents enrolled in the Pediatric Residency Program, rotate in the Paeds Neurology Services to gain experience in the inpatient and outpatient management of children with neurological issues.

Regular academic sessions and courses are arranged for the paediatric residents, elective students and nurses. These programs are aimed to impart the basic knowledge and skills related to the management of common neurological disorders in children.

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