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Health & Fitness Clinic

The best investment that you can ever make is in your health

Health & Fitness Clinic offers counseling for a variety of conditions. Our registered dietitian who is competitive and experienced, works with infants, children, teens, women and old age people, provides counseling, which includes a nutritional assessment and individualized education designed to meet individual’s needs.

The facility offers a complete package of lifestyle modifications not only through diet but also by workout suggestions from a professional physiotherapist and counselling sessions by psychologist for your mental health. For this purpose, our facility is equipped with all fitness equipment, an indoor and outdoor walking track and a harmonious ambiance which promotes our slogan: Get Fitter, Healthier and Happier!

Why you should visit Health & Fitness Clinic?

Being fit and healthy does not always come with losing or gaining weight.

However maintaining a normal weight for height and age can save you from many diseases like cancer, hypertension, cardiac issues, joint pains and diabetes etc. Health and fitness clinic is a unique facility where not only your fitness but your health and over all wellbeing is taken into consideration.

The rising trend of healthy lifestyle demands the need of a professional dietitian who can guide people on how to incorporate fitness and healthy eating in an individual’s life so that it becomes a lifestyle.

From meeting your dietary requirements and focusing on eating right rather than eating less to taking into account your age, dietary requirements and the diseases if any, diet plans are customized for every individual with proper counselling followed by physical activity and workouts advices too.

We know that fitness is the ultimate fashion so unlock your potential with good nutrition because a healthier lifestyle is more than a weight loss.


Lifestyle Management and Workouts

With improvement in lifestyle management, your body becomes more productive and healthy. It helps to maintain physical and mental health as well. This could only be possible while maintaining a proper diet and workout routine. Our professionals are here to help you in improving the quality of life with balanced eating and workout sessions.

Obesity and Weight Management

Being healthy does not come with a certain weight or size.
The diet and fitness specialist will guide you ways on how to achieve a healthier weight based on your individual needs, goals and requirements through a customized diet plan. For this purpose, you will be counselled on how to modify your lifestyle gradually into a healthier one.

Nutrition for Toddlers and Older Children

Intensive nutrition therapy is offered for children with conditions like underweight, overweight or not eating enough to meet growth requirements.

Women’s Health and Wellness

Nutrition therapy and customized diet plans for insulin resistance, Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy), post-partum (after baby’s delivery) weight management etc.

Geriatric Nutrition

The nutritional requirements of elders are different and along with specific co-morbids, a proper diet and nutrition therapy can improve their quality of life.

Disease Specific Nutrition

Therapeutic nutritional plans are designed for medical conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular issues, celiac disease, lactose intolerance, renal issues etc.

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Diet & Fitness Specialist

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