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Corneal Transplant

Cornea is the front transparent part of the eye, just like a windscreen of the car. Cornea helps to focus light and images on part of the eye that helps to see. Any disease of the Cornea will affect the vision drastically. Cornea infections are pretty common and difficult to treat. They often leave an opaque scar on the cornea. Scar can also be left secondary to trauma. There are number of other diseases which leave Cornea distorted or hazy. Corneal transplant from a donor eye can be performed in such patients to help restore their vision. Cornea can be transplanted in full thickness or in layers (more advanced surgery).

A. Diseased Cornea
B. Recently done Corneal Transplant
C. Corneal Transplant after Removal of Sutures


We provide comprehensive Cornea treatments as well as complicated surgeries including Corneal Transplants. Our consultants who have been specifically trained, locally and from abroad, are dedicatedly providing services on cornea and corneal transplantation.

This service is advanced and not all hospitals have fully trained surgeons for this purpose. We provide corneal transplant in layers (Lamellar Keratoplasty), which is not done in most units, in the city.

We are registered with HOTA (Human Organ Transplant Authority) and we obtain cornea from USA and Sri Lankan eye banks. In clinics, a detailed discussion explaining pros & cons and outcome of such surgery is provided.

Training & Education

Regular teaching in clinics, regarding corneal diseases, and training in corneal surgery, including corneal repair, Amniotic membrane graft and corneal transplant is the part of our practice.

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Dr. Tanveer Anjum Chaudhry
Consultant Eye Surgeon

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