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Cochlear Implant Program

Liaquat National Hospital has started a Cochlear Implant Program for severe to profoundly deaf children who do not benefit from the most powerful hearing aid. These children are able to hear with a cochlear implant.

At LNH, we bring together all the experts in different specialties at one place. Once your child is enrolled in the clinic all the different stages starting from hearing evaluation, medical evaluation, psychological assessment, pre-operative investigations, implant surgery and post-operative switching-on of the device and aural rehabilitation is done by our dedicated team.

Our emphasis is on early diagnosis and implantation so that rehabilitation process can start and language development does not suffer.

What is a Cochlear Implant?

A cochlear implant is a small, surgically implanted electronic device that can give a deaf child a sense of sound. Cochlear implant bypasses the normal acoustic hearing process and replaces it with electric signals which directly stimulates the auditory nerve (nerve of hearing).

Internal Part

This part is placed under the skin behind the ear during an operation. Thin wire electrodes lead from the coil to the cochlea which is part of inner ear. The wire sends signals to the cochlear nerve directly, bypassing the normal hearing mechanism of the ear, which sends sound information to the brain to produce a hearing sensation.

External Part

This is called a speech processor and it resembles a behind the ear hearing aid. The processor turns sounds into electrical signals and sends them to the device implanted under the skin. The implant uses these signals to directly stimulate the hearing nerve.

Patient Evaluation process

All the patients are seen by the implant team in our ‘Childhood deafness & cochlear implant’ clinic. A comprehensive evaluation is done by all the members of the team and a management plan is made. We put great emphasis on imparting information and extensive counselling of parents about deafness of their child, the disease process and their expectation.


  • Hearing evaluation
  • Medical evaluation
  • Pre-operative investigations
  • Surgery for cochlear implantation
  • Device activation
  • Speech and language rehabilitation

Cochlear Implant Team

All you need in one place!
We have a team approach to cochlear implantation so that all the services for implantation are provided within our hospital. An implant surgeon leads the team which is comprised of Audiologists, Speech and language therapists and a Clinical Psychologist. We work with the parents to decide if a cochlear implant will help their child.

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Prof. Dr. Shakil Aqil

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Dr. Asif Ali Arain
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