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Liaquat National Hospital And Medical College

1st Comprehensive Plastic Surgery Nursing Training Program

19th June, 2019

For details and Registration:
Mr. Khuram Wilson: 0346-3535442
Mr. Noor Muhammad: 0333-2197263

Outreach Medical Centre

Pre Ramadan Diabetic Clinic

Consult our expert physicians and get your medical assessment now!

Liaquat National Hospital And Medical College

LNH & MC has been the top Ranked Private Medical College during MBBS Admissions 2018-19 conducted by JSMU

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Liaquat National Hospital

Liaquat National Medical College

Frequently Ask Questions
  • How can I get information regarding an appointment from doctor?
    You can get the information by calling our UAN 111-456-456 and asking for respective clinical department.
    What are the OPD timings?
    You can visit OPD Schedule at our website and / or confirm by calling 021-34412576 or 021-34412376
    What should I bring to my first appointment?
    If available the following shall be brought at the first appointment:
    Medical records - past medical records pertinent to your diagnosis,such as x-rays, test results, and consultation reports
    Immunization records - an up-to-date record of immunizations.
    A list of any allergies this includes food, medication and materials.
    Referral letters from General Practitioner (GPs) or any doctor (if applicable)
    What happens after my first Visit?
    Based on the initial evaluation, your medical team will develop a management plan specifically for you. This plan will be explained to you in detail.
    How do I know about the different tests performed in the Radiology Department?
    For information and queries you may contact our Department of Radiology which can provide you the information regarding the different tests performed at LNH.

    You may contact on :

    For CT Scan 021-34412252
    For MRI 021-34412383 & 021-34412483
    For Ultra sound 021-34412280
    For Nuclear Medicine 021-34412483
    For Mammography 021-34412351
    When can I collect my investigation reports?
    Reporting time depends upon the type test being performed. Reports of simple procedures are available earlier while the more complex ones need more time. The report collection time will be communicated to you whi8le giving you the receipt, however it is advisable to confirm the pickup time for the test report collection from the relevant department.
    For information and queries: 021-34412573 & 021-34412375
    Does LNH provide rehabilitation services?
    Yes, LNH offers rehabilitation services in following disciplines:
    - Cardiac Rehabilitation
    - Pediatric Rehabilitation
    - Geriatric Rehabilitation
    - Neurological Rehabilitation
    - Hand Reconstructive Surgery Rehabilitation
    - Physiotherapy
    - Occupational Therapy
    - Speech Therapy
    - Psycho Therapy
    You may contact 021-34412216 for further queries and details.
  • Why to use LNH for health care?

    Conveniently located at the centre of the city as an eminent landmark in Karachi, LNH is the largest private tertiary care hospital with approximately 715 beds serving the community for the last 60 years in all medical disciplines. It has our 120 specialists who can deal with every possible medical problem.

    The hospital functions round the clock and provides 24 hours service Consultation treatment, Emergency, Pharmacy, Laboratory and Radiology services.

    It is fully equipped with the most advanced and sophisticated equipments to meet all your diagnostic and treatment needs. Coming to Liaquat National Hospital means complete management and treatment under one roof.

    What should I do in case of an emergency?

    In case of an emergency, it is advised to bring the patient directly to the Accident and Emergency Department in LNH which is operational 24 hours with all medical & Surgical emergencies.

    What is the admission process?

    At Liaquat National Hospital, patient can get admission through OPD, E/R depending upon your need and the nature of your problem. Details can be obtained from the admission office at 021-34412389.

    How would I know about the availability of bed?

    Your admission officer will guide you regarding the availability of the bed.

    What should we do to prepare for a procedure / surgery?

    Your doctor will guide you regarding the preparation for a procedure or surgery. You will be informed about the time you and your patient should arrive at the hospital, any instructions for the procedure / surgery, the time the patient must stop eating and drinking (if required).

    It is very important that you follow these instructions closely to ensure your patient's safety and comfort during and after the procedure / surgery.

    Please don't hesitate to ask your doctor any questions you have about your preparation for the procedure / surgery.

    What if my patient needs health care services at home?
    At LNH, we have a structured Home Health Services Department which offers services such as:
    Rehabilitative Services
    - Physical Therapy
    - Speech Therapy
    - Neuro-Psychology

    Laboratory Services
    - Domiciliary Phlebotomy

    Nursing Care Services
    - Registered Nurses
    - Nurse Aides
    - I.V / I.M Infusions

    Wound Dressing Services
    - Large Wound Dressing
    - Small Wound Dressing

    For information you may contact 21-34412349.
    When will we have a follow-up appointment?

    Before your patient leaves the hospital, you will be counseled regarding the follow-up appointment in our outpatient clinic.

  • Are visitors allowed while my child is staying in the hospital?

    Visits from family and friends can make a hospital stay seem shorter and brighten a patient's day. However, it's also important that our patients get the rest they need to recover and be ready to go home.

    Daily visiting hours are from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

    What other guidelines should visitors know about?
    • Only two visitors at a time are permitted for each patient. When more than two visitors are here we ask that they take turns, using the visiting areas, outdoor patio etc.
    • Children under the age of 14 are not allowed to visit the patients.
    • Our patients are more vulnerable to infections, so visitors with a cold, flu, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, rashes, fifth disease, head lice, chicken pox or other infection should wait until their condition has improved before visiting.
    • Visitors who are disorderly or who do not observe hospital regulations will be escorted from the hospital by a security guard and refused subsequent visiting privileges.
    • Visitors can also be a source of infection and we request to keep your numbers limited.
    • Alcoholic beverages, weapons or illegal drugs are not permitted in any area of the hospital. Any visitor who brings these items to the hospital will be escorted out by a security guard and may be refused subsequent visiting privileges.
    • Liaquat National Hospital is no Smoking area.
    Is there anything that is not allowed in the hospital?

    No jewelry or large sums of money. LNH is not responsible for money or other valuables brought in by patients and families.

    No weapons are tolerated on the premises of the hospital.

  • What can I do to ensure my patient's safety while in the hospital?
    • Please notify your doctor of allergies.
    • Make sure all staff wash their hands before providing care. It's okay to speak up if you see that someone has not washed his or her hands before touching your patient.
    • Prevent falls. Let your nursing staff know if a fall risk exists.
    • Ask questions when you are unsure of something.
    • Make sure you understand the answers.
    • Write down questions and take them to the appointment.
    • Keep a list of all the medications your patient takes, including herbal or nutritional supplements and vitamins.
    • Bring a list of medications and reports to all your appointments. Include prescriptions, over-the-counter medications and dietary supplements like vitamins and herbs.
    • Tell your doctor about drug allergies if known.
    • Ask about side effects and what to avoid while taking the medication.
    • Ask the pharmacist if the medicine looks different than one you previously used.
    Where can I eat while at the hospital?

    Our hospital cafeterias serve breakfast, lunch and dinner at minimal cost and are open to patients and families.

    Can I smoke anywhere?
    No, LNH is smoke free facility and we appreciate your cooperation.
    Where can I park?
    Free parking is available in designated areas which are close to your ward facility.
    How can I register complaints?

    The patient/relatives may register their complaints any time directly to the Complaints Manager to resolve the problems and get their grievances addressed.

    How I can apply for a job?

    LNH advertises job vacancies in leading newspapers from time to time. You may also visit our Careers page at for current job vacancies.

    How do I get directions to reach the hospital?

    You can call our front office to get the directions or can also check our website for our address.

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