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Liaquat National Hospital And Medical College

1st Comprehensive Plastic Surgery Nursing Training Program

19th June, 2019

For details and Registration:
Mr. Khuram Wilson: 0346-3535442
Mr. Noor Muhammad: 0333-2197263

Outreach Medical Centre

Pre Ramadan Diabetic Clinic

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Liaquat National Hospital And Medical College

LNH & MC has been the top Ranked Private Medical College during MBBS Admissions 2018-19 conducted by JSMU

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Liaquat National Hospital

Liaquat National Medical College

Department of Dental & Maxillofacial

The dental department of LNH was established in 1967 by remarkable efforts of Dr. Abdullah Hussain. It has expanded with passage of time and since 2004-2005 this department is fully functioning as dental and maxillofacial surgery department. the department is fully equipped with latest materials and equipments used for dental and maxillofacial treatment
The department has OPD and a ward as well. Dental and maxillofacial surgery OPD has 6 latest dental units with well equipp4ed dental laboratory .The procedures carried out in dental laboratories include. 

- Porcelain veneered crown
- Bridge units
- Cast mental frame dentures
- Post surgical prosthesis
- Obsturaters
- Functional appliances
- Appliance for nasoalveolar molding in infants etc.
- Surgery for failing heart
- Surgery on a patient who develop complication after heart attack (VSD and MR).

The routine general dental procedures carried out  in the department includes.

- Filling with amalgam ,composite ,GIC
- Veneers
- Scaling
- Root and treatment
- Crown  and bridge work
- Minor oral surgical procedures like apicectomy, surgical extraction of wisdom teeth, alveoloplasty periodontal surgeries and advanced periodontal therapy

Dental and maxillofacial surgery department of LNH has consultant (full time/part time),
who are highly qualified and experiences in their relatives specialties that is why  this department has become a major referral center for dental and maxillofacial surgical problems in Sindh.
The dental and maxillofacial surgery department includes the following specialties.


This has been functional for over two decades but since 20004-2005 this specialty has done a tremendous work with latest techniques. There is a separate ward of Oral and Maxillofacial surgery having 5 beds with fully trained staff to deal with Maxillofacial problem.
Oral and Maxillofacial team also carry out procedures in association with plastic surgery, neurosurgery eye ENT.
LNH has its own Maxillofacial kit and AO synthesis kit the operation theatre which a very few hospitals of

- Dentoalveolar infections (I&D of pus with extraction of teeth)
- Mandibular # include symphysis ,parasymphysis ,body , angel, condyle,coronoid etc
- Mid face# includes lefort I, II, III zygomatic complex #,nasoethmoidal complex #, etc.
- Pathological lesions of head and neck region which includes cysts,hemangiomas , malignant tumors, etc.
- Cleft lip and palate repair.
- Orthognathic surgeries/disproportional jaw defects
- TMJ ankylosis
- Oro antral fistula repair
- Oral submucous fibrosis
- Pre prosthetic surgeries like ridge augmentation etc
- Dental implants
- Craniofacial reconstruction

Have a great concern with growth of the face, development of dentition and the prevention and correction occlusal anomalies. Orthodontics at LNH in dental and Maxillofacial OPD has been carried out under supervision of Dr.Ambreen Afzal since 1997.The Ortho unit at LNH has been carrying out the following procedures:
Removable and fixed appliances used for children, adolescentsand adults
Growth modification for facial deformity in children and adults

Nasoalveolar molding for cleft lip and palate in infants

Restorative/Operative Dentistry:
At LNH in dental and maxillofacial OPD is carried out by Dr.Salaman Zafar which includes:

- Filling
- Pulpotomies
- Mummification
- Apexification

work at LNH in the dental and maxillofacial OPD is carried out by Dr.Jodat Askari. He does not only make prosthesis but as well as maxillofacial prosthesis which includes eye, ear, nose, obturators etc dental prosthesis includes:

- Crown and bridge work
- Partial and complete dentures
- Cast partial dentures
- Inlays and onlays
- Overdentures

Dental and Maxillofacial department and emergency department:
All Medical officers of the department are the most efficient in responding to call from ER .Each medical
officer is on call on every 6th day and the emergency pager #055 is with the on call MO.





There is a journal club conducted every Tuesday in which one of the medical officer present an article from the journal and then a open discussion is carried out between the senior consultants and colleague medical officers
Continuing ongoing education is carried out on the patients in the ward as well as on the patient in the OPD and the treatment planning is discussed before treatment.








Dr. Tauqir Ul Islam

Associate Professor, Consultant



Dr. Sheikh Haroon Shah

Acting Assistant Professor, Consultant


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