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Liaquat National Hospital And Medical College

LNH & MC has been the top Ranked Private Medical College during MBBS Admissions 2018-19 conducted by JSMU

Liaquat National Hospital And Medical College

LNMC Invites Application for

Admissions of Overseas Applicants MBBS 2018 - 19

Liaquat National Hospital And Medical College

Professional Development Program
Saturday, 15th December, 2018

For information & registration:
Contact: Ms Faiza Ambreen

Liaquat National Hospital And Medical College

American Heart Association Certified Courses
on Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support

For Registration contact RSDC office:
021-34412437, 021-34412697

Liaquat National Hospital And Medical College

Admissions open for Medical Technologist

For information and queries contact:
021-34412022, 2005

Liaquat National Hospital And Medical College

8th Canadian Clinical Research Certificate Course

CCRP Prospectus

Registration Form

Contact: +92-213-5880782

Liaquat National Hospital And Medical College

Department of Health Care Education

Professional Development Program
November - December 2018

Click here for Registration Form

For further information & Registration:

Ms. Faiza Ambreen

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Liaquat National Hospital

Liaquat National Medical College

Department of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Physical therapy provides treatment in circumstances where movement and function are threatened by aging, injury, disease or environmental factors. It is a health profession that assesses and provides treatment to individuals to develop, maintain and restore maximum movement and function throughout life.
Physical therapy is concerned with identifying and maximizing, quality of life and movement potential within the spheres of promotion, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation. This encompasses physical, psychological, emotional, and social well being. It involves the interaction between physical therapist (PT), patients/clients, other health professionals, families, care givers, and communities in a process where movement potential is assessed and goals are agreed upon, using knowledge and skills unique to physical therapists.
Physiotherapists study medical science subjects such as anatomy, physiology, medicine, surgery, pharmacology & specialized physiotherapy subjects such as Kinesiology, Physiotherapy Treatment, Electrotherapy, which are related to developing skills and attitudes necessary for health education and prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with physical disorders and disabilities.
The core skills of physiotherapists include manual therapy, therapeutic exercise and the application of electrotherapeutic modalities.

Physiotherapist practice in many setting, such as primary & tertiary care hospitals, outpatient clinics, inpatient rehabilitation facilities, skilled nursing facilities, private homes, education and research centers, schools, fitness centers and sport training facilities.

Physical therapy has many SPECIALITIES such as:
- Cardiopulmonary
- Geriatrics
- Neurological
- Orthopedics
- Paediatrics
- Gynae Rehab
- Women Health
- Hand Rehab
- Spinal Rehab
- Sports Injuries

Outpatients clinics Advising and treating people with spinal and joint problems, or recovering from accidents and sports injuries
Patients in hospital Treating in-patients, including people in intensive care units - helping very ill people to keep their chests clear of secretions and to keep their limbs mobile whilst confined to bed
Schools Working with teachers and parents in the support of children with developmental movement problems
Workplaces & Industry Advising managers and staff on injury prevention as well as treating specific problems
Sports & Community centers Promoting health and preventative health education of people through progressive exercise programs and back care classes
Women's health Advising women on ante-and post-natal care, exercise and posture, and managing post-gynecological operations
Elderly care Maintaining mobility and independence, rehabilitation after falls or treating arthritis and Parkinson's disease
Stroke patients Helping people with paralysis to restore normal movement
Orthopedics Regaining movement and strength after fractures and hip, knee & other joint replacements
Mental illness Holding relaxation and body awareness classes, and improving confidence and self-esteem through exercise
Terminally ill Supporting people with end of life conditions in the community or in hospices
Private sector Working independently in private practice, clinics & hospitals



Neuro and Spinal Rehabilitation – give treatment to patients with stroke, Parkinson’s and general associated neuropathies. Spinal rehabilitation unit accommodates patients with pre and post surgical conditions, traumatic or non-traumatic and various other spinal insufficiencies.

Intensive & Respiratory Care – trained therapist provide services to patients in I.C.Us, H.D.Us, Coronary care units.

Pain Management – Pain management clinics with the aid of Laser therapy, Edit TENS and other specialized modalities are used to manage pain.

Pediatrics Rehabilitation – children with physical handicap are treated under this specialty.

Gynae Rehabilitation – Pre & Post Natal exercise, parent craft classes and training of the couples in different spectrum.

Exercise Protocol for Diabetes Mellitus – Primary management of various endocrinological disorders e.g. Diabetes Mellitus, maintenance of blood glucose levels and prevention of various associated problems of diabetes e.g. poly neuropathies muscular dystrophy and others.

Hand Rehabilitation – Hand rehab of all severities from microsurgical to replant amputated fingers.

Musculoskeletal Rehab – Rehabilitation for degenerative conditions, rheumatological disorders and soft tissue injuries etc.

Sport Rehabilitation – Injuries associated to sports, and athletic training through modalities and well equipped gym.

Hydrotherapy – Under water exercises for chronic joint conditions, muscular spasm, muscular weakness and early re-education of muscles.

Plastic & Reconstructive Rehabilitation – Exercise protocols for Reconstructive mastectomy, post burn scars, and all spectrum of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

Sr.# Name Designation Qualification
1. Mr. Syed Hasan Abbas Rizvi
Manager BS (Physiology) B.S.P.T, M.S.P.T, Postgraduate Dip (SLP), C.C.P (Birmingham), C.S.M (Pak)
2. Mr. Muhammad Ali Assistant Manager B.S.P.T, M.S.P.T
3. Ms. Farah Deeba Assistant Manager B.S.P.T, M.S.P.T , M.P.A
4. Mr. Khurram Sami Senior Physiotherapist B.S.P.T, M.S.P.T
5. Mr. Khawaja Khalil Senior Physiotherapist B.S.P.T, M.S.P.T
6. Mr. Saad Saleem Senior Physiotherapist B.S.P.T, M.S.P.T



Department of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Phone: 021-34412216


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