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Liaquat National Hospital And Medical College

1st Comprehensive Plastic Surgery Nursing Training Program

19th June, 2019

For details and Registration:
Mr. Khuram Wilson: 0346-3535442
Mr. Noor Muhammad: 0333-2197263

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Pre Ramadan Diabetic Clinic

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Liaquat National Hospital And Medical College

LNH & MC has been the top Ranked Private Medical College during MBBS Admissions 2018-19 conducted by JSMU

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Liaquat National Hospital

Liaquat National Medical College

Department of Pharmacy Services
The Department of Pharmacy Services is ISO 9001-2008 certified. This department endeavors the vision of Liaquat National Hospital by providing excellent pharmaceutical care services that focuses on patient safety and efficient clinical & dispensing pharmacy services round the clock 7 days a week. The role of Pharmacist in direct patient care has never been as advanced as it is at present and is responsible for the appropriate use of medicines, devices and services to achieve optimal therapeutic outcomes while practicing generic based drug formulary to the patients availing pharmacy services in the hospital.

Important Features
- Pharmacy Policy and Procedure Manual & Documentation as per ISO guidelines ... a standardized system-based approach.
- Pharmacy Quality Management System including Pharmacy Internal Quality Audits ... addresses continuous quality improvement aspects of pharmacy operations.
- Pharmacy Performance Quality Indicators ... these yard sticks not only reveal the improvements of the specific area of pharmacy department but also help in finding the gaps to take corrective and preventive actions for department’s incremental growth.
- In-house Pharmacy Training & Development Program ... is established to develop the skills of the pharmacy staff and other allied health care providers in order to offer their best services for better patient therapy outcome.
- 24 Hours Drug Information Services including documentation and monitoring ... is available to answer all medicines related queries to clinicians, nurses, pharmacists, patients and other paramedics personnel inside and outside LNH.
- Point of Care Pharmacy Services including Pharmacist Medicines Intervention Program ... not only helps the healthcare givers in providing safe medication therapy but also improves quality of life of the patients, thereby directly influences in reducing patient therapy cost.
- Inpatient Pharmacy Services and Medication Management System ... provide safe, accurate and efficient delivery of medications at patient’s bed side.
- Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Service & Patient Counseling ... a program in which quality assured medicines are dispensed / sold against a valid prescription through patient counseling.
- Oncology Pharmacy Sterile IV-Admixture Program ... provides accurate and ready to administer sterile IV-chemo medicines to the admitted and daycare patients in the hospital.
- Pharmacy Extemporaneous Compounding Services ... provide different required combination and dosage forms of medications which are commercially not available in Pakistan.
- Generic-based Drug Formulary... is designed to reduce the inventory cost, and to provide continuous availability of quality and cost effective medicines to the patients.
- Pharmacy & Therapeutic Committee (P&T) ... is an advisory group composed of clinicians, nurses, pharmacists & representatives from various departments of the hospital which recommends the policy to hospital administration on all matters related to the use of medicines within hospital and its clinics.
- Pharmacy Operating Committee (POC) ... oversees and resolves ongoing operational problems of pharmacy services and gives recommendations and simultaneously do the implementations. Meetings held fortnightly or when and as needed.
- Management Review Committee (MRC)... reviews the gaps and finds quality solutions to the problems identified through Pharmacy Internal Quality Audit System, which highlights the problems gaps and suggests their solutions to improve the quality index of pharmacy locations.
Extension Numbers
Head of Department 2723
Inpatient Pharmacy Services
Satellite Pharmacy 01: 2044
Satellite Pharmacy 02: 2354,2216
Satellite Pharmacy 03: 2353
Ambulatory care Pharmacy Services  
Central Pharmacy 2657,2658
Corporate Patients 2657,2658
LNH Employee 2286,2658
ER Pharmacy 2458
ER Floor Stock 2458
Syed Wajid Ali Complex Pharmacy 2060, 2061
Local Purchase 2658
Drug & Poison Information Services 2758, 2943
Point of Care Pharmacy Services 2586, 2722
Oncology Pharmacy Services 2941
Extemporaneous Compounding Services 2358
Pharmacy Training & Development Services 2158
Pharmacy Quality Management Services 2155
Pharmacy Secretary 2155
Offsite LNH Pharmacy, Nazimabad 02136615855
Sterile Preparation Pharmacy Services 2936,2944
Orthopedic Retail Pharmacy 2891
New Retail Pharmacy 2243
Quality Management Services
Pharmacy Quality Management Services (PQMS) oversees the quality & safety aspects through implementing the Quality Management System in the Department of Pharmacy Services. The efforts result in delivering the quality care to our patients, considering patient safety parameters, safe medication usage and reducing delays in therapy management. PQMS also helps to review the gaps and gains of Pharmacy Department on an ongoing basis and to find out their root cause and to take corrective and preventive actions for overcoming the gaps. Following are the activities performed by PQMS:
- Updating Policy and Procedure Manual of the Department: to develop Policies & Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for standardization of work in different areas of pharmacy.
- Pharmacy Performance / Quality Indicators: to check departmental growth through Operational, Clinical & Financial indicators.
- Pharmacy Internal Quality Audits (PIQA): to be conducted on regular intervals to gauge the gaps and gains through Pharmacy Quality Index.
- Management Review Meeting (MRM): Pharmacy Management Team reviews the departmental quality management system at planned intervals in MRM to ensure its continuing suitability, adequacy, and effectiveness. This includes assessing opportunities for improvement and the need for changes to the quality management system, including the quality policy and quality objectives.
Training & Development
The department runs on-the-job in-house training program aiming to equip the pharmacy staff with the updated knowledge and skills as required.
Pharmacy Training and Development Department also conducts Continuing Education (CE) sessions for the Pharmacists to refresh their knowledge and also arranges trainings for other pharmacy staff including pharmacy technicians & pharmacy assistants to make them more valuable personnel for the department.

In – Patient Pharmacy Services:
It provides round the clock medicine supply to admitted & day care patients at their bedside against clinicians’ orders under the supervision of registered pharmacists. For safe, accurate and quick delivery of medicines to the admitted patients in wards, Pharmacy runs Computerized Medication Order Processing System which processes and delivers medicines to the right patient, right drug, right dose, right time, right route and right expiry for efficient therapy management.
In order to serve the patient through proper medication management system, pharmacy department keeps vigilance on the quality-based & cost effective procured medicines directly through their approved vendors. Pharmacist verifies and dispenses the correct medicines to the patient against the clinician order through modified unit-dose based system.

Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Services:
Through Out-patient services, Department of Pharmacy Services caters ambulatory care patients of LNH as well as from outside the hospital by providing them the quality assured medicines against the prescription through patient counseling by registered pharmacists.
The important features of Patient Counseling is to educate the patient about the dispensed medication, its safe usage, storage, right time of administration, side effects, drug - drug and drug - food interaction etc.

Oncology Pharmacy Services:
The oncology medication management process requires technicalities of highly skilled professionals as even minor error can significantly impact both quality care and patient safety. Oncology pharmacy services works on the concept to provide the correct dosage to the patient as per departmental approved Standard Operating Procedures. The oncology medications are admixed with right diluents in class II biological safety cabinet by trained pharmacy technicians under the supervision of pharmacists ensuring aseptic conditions, safety and quality of medications. The admixing of right drug with accurate dose in the right diluents under sterile environment results in “Ready-to-Administer Medicines” for patients which are properly labeled keeping in view with all patient safety parameters.

Extemporaneous Compounding Pharmacy Services:
Extemporaneous compounding is an art of pharmacy practice that needs professional and technical expertise.
LNH Pharmacy is in a unique position to provide its patients the medicines (which are commercially not available) in the required strengths and dosages forms as prescribed by clinicians. This includes pediatric doses, dermatological preparations; and many other topical and oral preparations. This is all possible by virtue of the presence of highly competent and well trained pharmacy technicians who work under the supervision of trained pharmacists.

Drug & Poison Information Center (DPIC):
To give information about the medicines, their usage, drug dilution, dose adjustments as per patient’s age, weight and renal/hepatic functioning etc, side effects, route of administration, proper timing of administration, pharmacist provides a 24 hrs service to the clinicians, nurses, fellow pharmacists and allied health care providers, which ultimately results in best care and cure.
DPIC also helps in evaluating the drugs for formulary addition / deletion.

Clinical Pharmacy Services (Point of Care Pharmacy):
The goal of Clinical Pharmacy Services is to ensure patient safety parameters. Pharmacists visit and review all medication orders in the patients’ profiles and provide professional recommendations to clinicians about the medicines, their doses, their interaction with other medicines, duration of therapy, lab reports etc. Proper monitoring of medication therapy by pharmacists on daily basis enhances the quick care and cure of the patient which results in timely healing of the disease, which highlights the cost effectiveness in therapy to the patient. Pharmacists in the above mentioned wards are also available to reply any medicine-related queries from clinicians (such as medicine dosage, renal dose adjustment, choice of therapy, etc) as well as the nursing staff (such as drug reconstitution and dilution, administration, rate of infusion, etc).

The Clinical Pharmacy Services caters following wards:

- Medical ICU & HDU
- Pediatric ICU, HDU, Surgery & Ward
- Neonatal ICU & Paeds Step down
- Surgical ICU I & II
- Surgical HDU & Ward
- Chest ICU & HDU
- Nephrology ICU, HDU & Ward
- Neuro-medicine Ward & Stroke Unit
- Neurosurgery HDU & Ward

OT Pharmacy Services:
OT Pharmacy Services provide safe, accurate and efficient delivery of medications & other Pharmacy Items in Operation Theaters. Department of Pharmacy’s top most priority has been provision of quality services in OT area that includes quality pharmacy items, timely availability, proper storage as per standard recommendations, controlling expiry etc.

Offsite LNH Pharmacy Services, Nazimabad:
The first offsite Pharmacy was inaugurated on March 15, 2013 at Liaquat National Hospital Services Center, Nazimabad . A well experienced and qualified team has been placed to educate the community regarding the proper usage of the medications.

Sterile Preparation Pharmacy Services:
The pharmacy renders its services to inpatients round the clock in the form of IV-Admixtures (Intravenous Piggy Back-IVPB) in ready to administer dosage form, which are prepared aseptically under Laminar Flow hood inside IV-Admixture Sterile Area, in the supervision of professionally trained pharmacists. The salient features of this services is the provision of aseptically prepared ready to administer dosage form, accurate dosing and right dilution which helps in reduction of medication errors, reduction in leakage, breakage,  pilferages and saving of nursing time.



R.Ph Nasir Abdul Jaleel - Manager – HOD Pharmacy Services


B.Pharm (KU),

Certified ISO Lead Auditor




R.Ph Saima Shakeel - Assistant Manager


B.Pharm (KU)




R.Ph Farhana Sharif - Assistant Manager


Pharm D (KU)




R.Ph Syed Shakeel Ahmed - Supervisor


B.Pharm,M.A(Economics), NAPLEX




R.Ph Shumaila Burney - Senior Pharmacist


Pharm D (KU)




R.Ph Tabinda Umer - Staff Pharmacist


Pharm-D (KU)




R.Ph Shama Abidi - Staff Pharmacist


Pharm-D (KU)




R.Ph Quratulain Muzaffar - Staff Pharmacist


Pharm D (BU)




R.Ph Farzana Kousar - Staff Pharmacist


Pharm-D (KU)




M. Rafiq Awan - Senior Pharmacy Technician




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