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Liaquat National Hospital And Medical College

LNMC Invites Application for

Admissions of Overseas Applicants MBBS 2018 - 19

Liaquat National Hospital And Medical College

Professional Development Program
Saturday, 15th December, 2018

For information & registration:
Contact: Ms Faiza Ambreen

Liaquat National Hospital And Medical College

American Heart Association Certified Courses
on Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support

For Registration contact RSDC office:
021-34412437, 021-34412697

Liaquat National Hospital And Medical College

Admissions open for Medical Technologist

For information and queries contact:
021-34412022, 2005

Liaquat National Hospital And Medical College

8th Canadian Clinical Research Certificate Course

CCRP Prospectus

Registration Form

Contact: +92-213-5880782

Liaquat National Hospital And Medical College

Department of Health Care Education

Professional Development Program
November - December 2018

Click here for Registration Form

For further information & Registration:

Ms. Faiza Ambreen

Video Profile

Liaquat National Hospital

Liaquat National Medical College

Department of Hematology & Blood Bank

The department of hematology and blood bank is a well-established and provides both diagnostic and clinical services. It comprises of experienced faculty, well-trained technicians and state of the art equipments.

Hematology Laboratory:
Hematology Laboratory is ISO-9001 certified and is a participant in College of American Pathologists USA proficiency testing. Collectively we strive to provide quality service to both indoor and outdoor patients. Approximately more than 300,000 tests are performed yearly. This mainly comprises of tests for various kinds of Anemia’s and Blood cancers.

Coagulation Laboratory:
Coagulation Laboratory is very well established. It mainly provides tests for disorders associated with bleeding and thrombosis. We perform about 100,000 tests annually for these disorders.

Blood Bank:
We believe safe blood save lives. It is one of its kinds and is ISO-9001 certified. Blood is exclusively collected from non professional donors. All the blood is screened for Hepatitis B and C, HIV, Syphilis and Malaria. Hepatitis and Aids screening is done on most modern analyzers followed by NAT (Nucleic acid testing). Blood processing, storage and transportation is done as per laid down standards. Blood is provided usually, not exclusively, on exchange basis and at competitive price. We request you to donate blood regularly (every four months). We also encourage you to use the blood component needed (not the whole blood).

Clinical hematology:
Patient care forms an integral part of clinical service which is provided by experienced Hematologists. Treatment is available for both, benign and malignant blood disorders along with referral services.


Hematology Services:
Our Experienced faculty provide following diagnostic and clinical service

- Deficiency of blood: Anemia’s, Thalassaemia & others
- Excess of Blood: Polycythemia, others
- Bleeding disorders: Hemophilia and others
- Coagulation disorders: Thrombophilias and others
- Blood cancers: Leukemia, Lymphomas & others
- Benign disorders: Aplastic Anemia
- Women and child screening for common blood disorders
- Pediatric Hematology
- Pregnancy associated Blood issues.
- Bone marrow transplant (BMT - Consultation only)
- Day care and inpatient service

Lab is open round the clock and Hematology clinics are run on Tuesday/Thursday (morning) and Monday/Thursday (afternoon)

Blood Bank Services:
We supply Blood Components round the clock:

- Packed red blood cells (PRBC)
- Platelets random concentrates
- Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP)
- Cryoprecipitate(CP)/ Cryosupernatant (CS)
- Uncommon rare blood groups available most of the times.
- Single donor platelets (Mega unit) and Plasmapharesis facility
- Antibody screening/ Identification (in pregnancy and otherwise)

Blood donation and collection is available round the clock. We have 400-450 units of packed red cell, 50-70 platelets random concentrates and 500-550 FFPs available at any given time. Be a voluntary and regular blood donor.


The faculty actively participates in various CME’s and Seminars. Many publications (around 70 publications) in the medical/hematology journal have been contributed by them including chapters in national book. There is structured teaching program for Post Graduate Hematology Students. Teaching to medical students and medical technology students is in addition to this.

Sr.# Name Designation Qualification
1. Dr. Syed Muhammad Irfan Professor & HOD MBBS, FCPS, FACP


2. Dr. Naila Raza
Consultant MBBS, MCPS, FCPS


3. Dr. Sadia Sultan
Senior Registrar MBBS, FCPS


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