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19th June, 2019

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Liaquat National Hospital And Medical College

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Liaquat National Hospital

Liaquat National Medical College

Department of Biochemistry




The department is ISO-9001-2008 certified and equipped with latest, state of art IVD instruments that are certified with Underwriter@ Laboratories (USA), Conformite Europeene, Canadian Security Administration and Geprufte Sicherheit, including fully two automated chemistry (Hitachi 912), three Hormones/Tumor markers (Elecsys2010 and Access 2), four electrolytes (Nova-4, Nova -4 CRT, Nova 8) and two blood gases (Nova-pHOX and pHOX plus) analyzers and manual testing spectronic instruments. Installation of latest state of art modular system ‘serum work area’ Cobas 6000, inclusive of Chemistry and Immunoassay is underway. The development is the part of a vision to further modernizing patients care by introducing SWA system in phases, to which next phase shall be Task Targeted Automation (TTA) solutions including probable online-system with ‘modular pre-analytics EVO for total lab automation’ (TLA) solutions. The department is a participant in College of American Pathologists USA proficiency testing. National External Quality Assurance (NEQAPP) Programs for regulation and assessment of its analytical processes. It offers nearly 252 combo of routine and special chemistry lab tests services to 30 disciplines of medicine, surgery and allied specialties and deals with more than 1,60,000 patients and 260,000 tests’ profiles (around 10,00,000 test/parameters) per year. The unit has an influx of 600-700 indoor/ outdoor patients daily and process more than 3000 tests within 24 hours, out of which nearly 60% are done on urgent basis.


Services Management

The services are managed and delivered by amply experienced, professional and highly qualified faculty and staff including Consultant- Head of the department, Sr-Biochemist, Assistant Professor, Sr Registrar, Resident Medical Officers and Medical technologists.



The 252 test services of Biochemistry department are provided 24 hours a day in the form of individual tests/parameters as well as multiple test packages such as liver, kidney, cardiac, pancreatic, thyroid and fertility functions tests, Ions and electrolytes, dynamic tests, arterial blood gases, cardiac markers, tumor markers, reproductive hormones and several significant test/profiles such as Trop I, ACE, aldolase, NT-pro BNP, Vit D3 and anti-CCP. Several types of dynamic testing services are also facilitated by our department such as Short Synacthin, Glucose Challenge and growth hormone testing. Urine chemistry analysis including several clearance tests and fluid chemistry services are also provided 24/7.



International and National Recognition and Achievements
The quality assured services of the Department of Chemical Pathology and Biochemistry are practiced and approved by both national and international institutions and societies of technologies, quality management and assurances such as International Organization for Standards (ISO), International Federation of Clinical Chemist (IFCC), Deutsche Gesellschaft für Klinische Chemie (DGKC), American Association of Clinical Chemistry (AACC), American Society of Clinical Lab Sciences (ASCLS), Clinical and Laboratory Standard Institute (CLSI) and College of American pathology (CAP). The department also has the privilege of achieving its Diamond Jubilee of tests/parameters on Feb 2005 after completing more than 10 million parametric tests (100 lac tests), since the initiation of 24 hr automated services in 1984. It has also completed the 20 million mark of tests/parametric services in Dec-2011. It also has distinction of being in collaboration with experts, scientists and researchers in universities and medical centers in Pakistan (HEJ-Third World center of Chemical Sciences, Department of Genetics, KIBGE, University of Karachi, AFIP, AKUH, NEQAPP) and abroad such as Germany (Universities of Frankfurt and Tubingen), Australia (University of Queensland, Hyperbaric medical Center, Surf live saving association of Australia), USA (University of Maryland), in specialties of basic and advanced biochemistry, chemical pathology, enzymology, protein and onco-chemistry, molecular and cellular biology for research and improvement and sustainability of the quality of services, development of advanced analytical techniques, Quality assurance, teaching and training programs.


Research and Development
The department, since June 1996 upto Dec 2011, has produced a total of 95 research contributions including presentations (poster and oral, 47), articles (27, and six articles are in process of publications, acceptance and submission) and monographs/research projects (21) in international and national symposia, conferences, seminars and journals. In recognition of research activities, departmental staff has received four research competitive prizes, five Accolade shields in conferences and 5 certificates from Chairman HEC and Minister of Science and Technology. Furthermore, Ministry of Science and Technology, since 2002, acknowledges the department of Biochemistry/Chemical Pathology for scientific and technological activities and recognizes its productivity for Pakistan by enlisting it in Pakistan Council for Science and Technology (PCST) since 2002. The Head of the department is also a member of Research Committee of this institute. Continual scientific and research contribution for Pakistan Academy of Sciences, HEC research projects evaluations, joint collaborative ventures with universities and scientific societies remains a prime goal of our department for improvement and development.


Academics, Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Workshops:

The department is also recognized by CPSP for four-years fellowship Residency program (FCPS) in Chemical Pathology and produced three FCPS-Chemical Pathologist. It is also recognized for BS-Degree and PG-DDLS Diploma programs in Diagnostic Lab Sciences and Medical Technology affiliated with University of Karachi and HEC affiliated doctoral and postdoctoral research activities. The department has also collaborated in split-programs of MS, MPhil and PhD (UOK) and facilitated three MPhil and three PhD fellows since 1997. The department is also involved since 2006, in teaching and training activities for MBBS undergraduate at Liaquat National Medical College. The department regularly organizes CME and workshops on ‘advances in immunoassays’, ‘recent trends in clinical chemistry analysis’, ‘quality assurances in Labs’, ‘Advances in Clinical Chemistry Diagnosis and Automation’, ‘Biosafety in Lab practices’, ‘ISO 9001:2008 Quality management System in Health care Institutes’ and 3rd generation Electro- Chemiluminescence Technology.

Collaborative Short-term internship program at basic and advanced level of Clinical Chemistry services is also a regular feature of the department and presently assisting interns from departments of biochemistry, genetics, microbiology from University of Karachi and department of chemistry from Jinnah University for women. 



Sr.# Name Designation
1. Dr. Junaid Mahmood Alam

Professor, Consultant


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